The Nature Center at Butler Corner

The Nature Center at Butler Corner is located at 20503 Road 31 just outside the town of Dolores, in southwest Colorado.

The ranch where you will find The Nature Center at Butler Corner has been in the Butler family for 90+ years. W.L. and Mary Butler raised twelve children on the land, then after World War II, Paul and Marjorie Butler raised four children in the same place – a wonderful place for children to grow, to discover wildlife, to learn the love of God and the nature He created.

After teaching school for 31 years and being a children’s librarian at the Dolores Public Library for twelve years, Miss Kathie is starting The Nature Center at Butler Corner – a place where children and adults can come, walk, listen to birds and pine trees sing, breathe in the fresh air, and discover all that nature has to offer in the outdoors of Southwest Colorado. With at least three bioregions, from semi-desert with sage brush, foothills with gamble oak, and mountain with Ponderosa pine, and a combination of all three, there is a diverse amount of animals and vegetation to come discover and learn to conserve and enjoy without disturbing habitats.

At this time, we have more than six miles of trails with 98 bluebird houses. We are hoping to add birdhouses for different species as well as plant bird-friendly shrubs. We hope to add butterfly plants as well.

There are several benches along the trail for sitting on to observe the world around you and tables in the park to enjoy being with your friends and family.

Call us at 970-882-4593 or email us at: to schedule a visit, learn about our programs, help build trails, benches, birdhouses, or donate!

The Back 80 Before and After

In 2002 Kathie began the arduous work of reestablishing the meadows. Every Fall beginning 2002 until the present, she has brush-hogged the rabbit brush in the Back 80 Meadow as well as the North and South Meadows. Each year the rabbit brush has become less dense. Two years ago, with the help of NRCS and neighbor, John Cowell, the Back 80 was replanted with five different grass seeds using a no till drill. The results have been amazing!